Olafssongs OCD 051 • 2006

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  #1 - Echo / Ekko

  #2 - Blind Boy / Blind Dreng

  #3 - Blue Bench / Blå Bænk

  #4 - Sunny Blue / Soleblåt

  #5 - Green Winter / Grøn Vinter

  #6 - Dark Day / Mørk Dag

  #7 - Currents / Strømme

  #8 - Ardent Lover / Ivrig Elsker

  #9 - Monday Morning / Mandag Morgen

#10 - Down the Dirt Road / Vildveje

Blues - Cover notes

In the early summer of 2005, we began recording 'Blues'.
We didn't have a clear roadmap for the things we were going to do - just a vague feeling that something would be different. It soon dawned on us that we felt a deep joy just by recording live in the studio - without too many hi-tech tricks.
So we decided that this would be a simple album, with built-in freedom in the compositions. We wanted to accommodate tranquillity and improvisation. The only other musician recording with us is percussionist Jacob Andersen who is on all our albums, ever since our debut, 'Sight-seeing' from 1984.

Something else became clear to us after recording the first tracks - the unmistakeable bluesy feeling. Not your straight, traditional blues - but even so, more than just a touch. We thought it was sufficient to call this album 'Blues'. This is meant as a tribute to all the sincere, hand-played roots, which still mean so much to the both of us.

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Music by Anders Roland & Finn Olafsson
Published by
Olafssongs Music Publishers
Produced by Finn Olafsson
Recorded and mixed on analogue tape
by Finn Olafsson
at Olafssongs Studio, Denmark,
in May 2005 - January 2006
Masterered by Flemming Hansson
Booklet translation by Lars Kjædegaard
Photos by Christoffer Askman
Layout by Torsten Olafsson

Finn Olafsson:
Acoustic guitar & dobro
Anders Roland: Acoustic guitar,
slide guitar, violin,
bouzouki & mandolin
Jacob Andersen: Percussion

Anders Roland & Finn Olafsson

Photo: Christoffer Askman