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About "Video of the Month 2014" - in general

"Video of the Month 2014" is the headline of a unique activity by Danish composer and guitarist Finn Olafsson.

Every month in 2014 a new "live in the studio" recorded video was uploaded to YouTube featuring Finn Olafsson's acoustic guitar music and acoustic guitar techniques.

In 7 of the 12 videos Finn Olafsson plays brand new tunes which have never been published before while Finn Olafsson plays tunes known from his CD-albums in 5 of the videos.

In two of the videos Finn Olafsson is assisted by his brother Torsten Olafsson on tablas.

We used three cameras: One focusing on Finn Olafsson's left hand, another on the right hand and the third filming the "total" of Finn Olafsson playing the guitar.

The setup was engineered by Kim Ingemann Erichsen, Peak Production ApS, who was also in charge of the editing of the videos.

An exciting and interesting feature for many acoustic guitar fans is that Finn Olafsson plays on different Danish Kehlet Guitars and American C.F. Martin Guitars and David W. Musselwhite guitars from video to video.

In order to give all the guitars that Finn Olafsson plays in the videos equal conditions for optimal sound, a new set of exactly the same brand of phosphor bronze strings was put on on each and every guitar.

The guitars were recorded by sound engineer Ronnie Bille with a pair of DPA 4041 microphones "directly" through an AD stereo converter to a digital recording system.

The audio recordings were edited and mixed by Tobias Folting and Finn Olafsson in Folting Studio engineered by Tobias Folting.

For every video there is an individual, dedicated webpage here on Finn Olafsson's website where you can read in much detail about the background for each of the guitar pieces, the story about each of the guitars he is playing in the videos, the different guitar tunings used and some 'how to play it' advice. The essays are extensively illustrated with photos.

In Spring 2015, a double-DVD set including an audio CD, "The Audio Tracks", with all the 12 videos and some extra specials, was released.

In April 2016 the double DVD/CD set was followed up by a music book including all 12 acoustic guitar pieces presented as sheet music / guitar TAB.

All the music pieces are also available online for purchase and download as separate sheet music / TAB PDF files.

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June 2014

"GINA" - C.F. Martin D-45 Deluxe CFMB CFM Sr 200th Anniversary (Brazilian)

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

LINKS:      Buy sheet music / TAB online      Buy "Gina" on iTunes      Buy "Gina" on DVD/CD

About the music, a little about the way of playing it, and about the tuning

I wrote "Gina" many years ago. Late in 1983, to be more accurate. Or, to be more exact, I wrote the A and B parts at that time - after having had the very sad experience that one of my two Newfoundland dogs passed away. It didn't come as a shock because she was thirteen and a half years old - which is quite old for a dog of that size. But it was like a chapter of my life had ended although my other dog, her two years younger son, puppy or how to say, was still alive. Well, anyway, I had a very "blue" feeling inside of me and this tune came to me one of the days right after Gina's death.

As far as I remember I have never played "Gina" in public - because it has been kind of a little too emotional for me - neither have I recorded it with any release in mind. Meaning that this video is its first performance. Now, I have the intention of recording "Gina" on my next studio album. But another reason for having not played it has been, to be honest, that I had the feeling that the tune was missing a C part. And in fact, for 23 years I wasn't able to come up with the right idea for the C part until finally, in June 2006, I got the idea for the C part which you hear in the video.

Isn't it strange that it can be that difficult to complete a tune? That you have to wait for more than 20 years for the right idea to show up!?

I play "Gina" in a straight and common EADGBE tuning - in the key of e minor. The A and B parts are based on well known basic guitar chords in first position but some of the chords shift on the "lift", the syncope, which saves only a little time to go from chord to chord. I hope it's possible to deal with if you want to play it yourself. Only the C part is a little more complicated to play - depending on how experienced and routined a guitar player you are.

The tabs and sheet music for this tune will be published in late 2014.

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Bumle & Gina, 1981 - Photo: Torsten Olafsson


The guitar

C.F. Martin D-45 Deluxe CFMB CFM Sr 200th Anniversary (Brazilian)

I composed "Gina" back in 1983 on my favorite acoustic guitar at that time: A 1979 C.F. Martin D-45 East Indian rosewood. It is definitely the guitar on which I have played most hours, written most music, played most concerts, recorded most tracks etc. I guess you could call it "the guitar of my life".

In the video of June I'm honoring this guitar by playing "Gina" on another Martin dreadnought: The C.F. Martin D-45 Deluxe CFMB CFM Sr 200th Anniversary (Brazilian). This guitar is #84 of 91 of a Limited Edition built in 1996 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the year of birth (1796) of the founder of the Martin Guitar company, Christian Frederick Martin Senior, a.k.a. C.F. Martin Sr.

Two Limited Editions were produced in 1996: An East Indian rosewood edition with a total of 114 guitars sold + 2 prototypes and a Brazilian rosewood edition with a total of 91 sold guitars + 2 prototypes. The Brazilian edition corresponds to the actual number of the famous pre-war D-45 guitars built from 1933-1942 with a total of 91 sold.

When studying the Martin book "Martin Guitars: A Technical Reference" I see that the Brazilian edition has not only one name but three names:

In the list of totals of Limited and Special Editions it is called: D-45 CFMB CFM Sr. 200th
In the GOM, Special and Limited Editions quick reference chart (part one) and in the text about Limited Editions in 1996 it is called:
D-45 Deluxe CFM Sr. (Brazilian)
And furthermore: In the list of specifications it is just called D45CFMB.
Summing up, here I have chosen to call it C.F. Martin D-45 Deluxe CFMB CFM Sr 200th Anniversary (Brazilian).
It goes by many names

This D-45 is indeed a deluxe version of the "common" D-45. It features highly figured Brazilian rosewood back and sides, a select Sitka spruce top with aging toner, pre-war forward shifted scalloped X-bracing, modified V-neck, inside label signed by C.F. Martin IV and a replica signature of C.F. Martin Sr (C.F. Martin I) plus lots of other deluxe features. The abalone inlay work is very comprehensive showing not only the inlay work of a normal Martin Style 45 with snowflakes and diamonds inlays on the fingerboard but also pearl bordering on heel, neck, headstock, edge of headstock, edge of fingerboard and backstripe - and the signature of C.F. Martin Sr inlaid at the 19th fret. All in all, it's a very impressive dreadnought and an exceptionally fine sounding instrument.

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I'm not sure of how many guitars of the Brazilian edition that were exported to countries outside the US. I do know that the D-45 Deluxe I play in this video was imported as brand new into Holland by the Dutch Martin distributor - and that it has "lived" most of its life in Holland where it was offered for sale a few years ago at The Fellowship of Acoustics. Prior to 1996, Martin issued separate labeling in the Limited Edition Program for the domestic and foreign editions. Unfortunately this "separation" of the distribution of the editions was changed in 1996.

Playing Martin dreadnoughts is like "coming home" for me. I bought my first one in 1975, a 1971 D-18, and since then Martin dreadnoughts have been an essential part of my life with acoustic guitars. Some people say that dreadnoughts aren't well-suited for fingerpicking? Hmm, I don't agree!

I hope that you'll agree with me after having seen and listened to "Gina"

With reference and thanks to the following publications - warmly recommended:

Martin Guitars - A Technical Reference - by Richard Johnston and Dick Boak (Revised and updated from the original by Mike Longworth) - ISBN 978-1-4234-3982-0

Martin Guitars - A History - by Richard Johnston and Dick Boak (Revised and updated from the original by Mike Longworth) - ISBN 978-0-634-03785-6

Pictures of the guitar courtesy of The Fellowship of Acoustics, The Netherlands, who presented this guitar for sale in 2009.

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Finn Olafsson with the C.F. Martin D-45 Deluxe CFMB CFM Sr 200th Anniversary (Brazilian) - Photo by Hans Ole Madsen