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Video of the Month 2014

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About "Video of the Month 2014" - in general

"Video of the Month 2014" is the headline of a unique activity by Danish composer and guitarist Finn Olafsson.

Every month in 2014 a new "live in the studio" recorded video was uploaded to YouTube featuring Finn Olafsson's acoustic guitar music and acoustic guitar techniques.

In 7 of the 12 videos Finn Olafsson plays brand new tunes which have never been published before while Finn Olafsson plays tunes known from his CD-albums in 5 of the videos.

In two of the videos Finn Olafsson is assisted by his brother Torsten Olafsson on tablas.

We used three cameras: One focusing on Finn Olafsson's left hand, another on the right hand and the third filming the "total" of Finn Olafsson playing the guitar.

The setup was engineered by Kim Ingemann Erichsen, Peak Production ApS, who was also in charge of the editing of the videos.

An exciting and interesting feature for many acoustic guitar fans is that Finn Olafsson plays on different Danish Kehlet Guitars and American C.F. Martin Guitars and David W. Musselwhite guitars from video to video.

In order to give all the guitars that Finn Olafsson plays in the videos equal conditions for optimal sound, a new set of exactly the same brand of phosphor bronze strings was put on on each and every guitar.

The guitars were recorded by sound engineer Ronnie Bille with a pair of DPA 4041 microphones "directly" through an AD stereo converter to a digital recording system.

The audio recordings were edited and mixed by Tobias Folting and Finn Olafsson in Folting Studio engineered by Tobias Folting.

For every video there is an individual, dedicated webpage here on Finn Olafsson's website where you can read in much detail about the background for each of the guitar pieces, the story about each of the guitars he is playing in the videos, the different guitar tunings used and some 'how to play it' advice. The essays are extensively illustrated with photos.

In Spring 2015, a double-DVD set including an audio CD, "The Audio Tracks", with all the 12 videos and some extra specials, was released.

In April 2016 the double DVD/CD set was followed up by a music book including all 12 acoustic guitar pieces presented as sheet music / guitar TAB.

All the music pieces are also available online for purchase and download as separate sheet music / TAB PDF files.

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August 2014

"THE COMPROMISE" - 1979 C.F. Martin D-45

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

About the music, the guitar tuning and a little about how to play it

"The Compromise" was originally recorded in 1980 on my second solo-album "Acoustic Guitar". When I wrote it I had the intention of writing a song. You know, a real song with lyrics. Back in the 1970s I often expressed myself not only in music but also in words. In fact, my first solo-album "Savannah" (1976) included some songs with lyrics and I also wrote a couple for my band Ache. But "The Compromise" became kind of an "eye-opener" for me because I had some serious troubles in writing the lyrics for it. Without any lyrics the music in itself expressed what I had in mind - so I decided to forget about the words and instead just play the music. This was a compromise - and it was also the reason that "The Compromise" got it's title. But it was also a turning point for me: I decided that my second solo-album should consist of instrumental acoustic guitar music only - and since then I've had my focus on writing instrumental music for acoustic steel stringed guitar. .

"The Compromise" is one of the guitar pieces of mine which I have played the most. It was on my set list from 1977 and many years ahead - and I played it whenever I got the chance for a solo-spot when I performed with other artists.

The guitar tuning is a straight EADGBE tuning. Usually I play "The Compromise" with a capo in the second fret - primarily to make it possible to reach the highest notes in the C parts - and not least to make the tones sound clean. The guitar piece is based on well known standard chords as a minor, G major, C major, Fmaj7, e minor and D major. This should make it easier to deal with for many guitarplayers. You have to use left hand's thumb when playing the bass note in the Fmaj7 and D chords in the B and C parts. The fingerpicking is a very straight folk fingerpicking with alternating bass. You can play it with the normal "p i m a" right hand's finger position.

In 2004, the original LP-recording from 1980 was re-released on CD in a re-mastered version with 4 additional tracks (Finn Olafsson "Acoustic Guitar" - Olafssongs OCD 043). The staff notation and tablature (tabs) is available in the music-book "Finn Olafsson Acoustic Guitar" (Olafssongs OC2002-02). Please go to "CD Gallery - Sound Clips from Selected Albums" on this website for info about ordering.

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About the guitar

1979 C.F. Martin D-45

The 1979 Indian rosewood Martin D-45 I played in this video is without any doubt the acoustic guitar of my life.

In the 1970s, while I was playing C.F. Martin D-18 and D-28, I dreamed about ordering a brand new D-45. Fortunately my dream was fulfilled in 1979. I ordered a D-45 from the Martin factory through a friend who was registered with a Danish VAT number. It could seem a little risky at that time to buy a guitar without having had the chance to see and play it. But, after having heard the great sound of old prewar D-45s on the recordings of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, I had to have a D-45!

The D-45 was launched by Martin in 1933. Only 91 guitars were built from 1933-1942. In 1942 the production of the D-45 was discontinued. Many years later, in 1968, Martin hired in Mike Longworth to bring back the D-45 to the head of Martin's line. 229 D-45s were then built in 1968/69 with back & sides of Brazilian rosewood - the same kind of wood which was used on the original D-45s. But due to the lack of Brazilian rosewood, from 1970, the production of the D-45 was continued with Indian rosewood. The D-45 has been listed in the Martin catalogue ever since.

From first sight, and first chord, I was happy with my new D-45. It has been a great pleasure to play this guitar during the years. As I have stated in the text about the video of April 2014, this D-45 is definitely the guitar on which I have practiced the most, written most music, played most concerts and recorded most tracks. In 1980, it had its recording debut on the "Acoustic Guitar" album where it was featured on the front cover. The recording of "The Compromise", that you hear on the album was actually played on the 1979 D-45. Since then I have played it on approx. five hundred recording tracks.

During the years the guitar has aged beautifully. The top has become darker and the bindings have turned yellow. It has had some repairs done, new original tuners have been mounted, a Fishman pickup has been installed, the pickguard has raised a bit and it has got some small scrathes. But still, it sounds and plays like a dream.

With reference and thanks to the following publication - warmly recommended: Martin Guitars - A Technical Reference - by Richard Johnston and Dick Boak (Revised and updated from the original by Mike Longworth) - ISBN 978-1-4234-3982-0

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The front cover of the "Acoustic Guitar" album featuring the 1979 D-45 - Photo by Jan Persson

Finn Olafsson in 1984 with his 2 year old daughter Maria and his 5 year old 1979 C.F. Martin D-45 - Photo: Torsten Olafsson

Photos from video (screen shots) by Kim Ingemann Erichsen, Peak Production ApS